HCP Updates

RED CARPET PREMIERE tickets for "Dorchester's Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head" are available HERE!!  Tickets are $20.  You can also pre-order your full size movie poster and pick it up at the event. Hurry and reserve your ticket before the event and avoid waiting in line!  You can update the quantity after clicking below via Paypal.

Date:   Saturday, August 2nd 
Time:   5pm
Place:    Sterett Hall Auditorium,
Address: 1530 7th Street and Hobson Ave., Charleston, SC 29405 

Dorchester's Revenge Premiere Items

"Dorchester's Revenge" had it's poster reveal exclusive with Fangoria.   Check it out HERE! Check it out HERE

The Cabin will have it's worldwide cable television premiere this month on SHORTS HD.  If you have DirectTV or AT&T Uverse, please check it out.  We have been named a "Top 10 To Watch in June!"  There are a FEW signed VHS copies stil left.  Head over to The Cabin page for more info!