HCP Updates

NOW AVAILABLE for a limited time….Dorchester's Revenge VHS Survival Kits!  Only 250 will be made and they come with a whole bunch of signed stuff.  Check the store for details!

Dorchester's Revenge wins a Frightee Award! "BEST FEATURE" from Mr. Frights 2014 awards!  We also won "Best Horror" "Best Director" and "Audience Choice" at the 2014 Austin Indie Flix Showcase, and "Best Feature" at Halloweenapalooza 5 and "Best Slasher Feature" and "Best Actor - Christian James" at Fear Fete!  We also won "Honorable Mention" as Best Feature at Drunken Zombie Film Festival.

Dorchester's Revenge Screenings 2014/2015:

September 18th: Austin Indie Flix Showcase - Austin, Texas
October 11th: Halloweenpalooza Film Festival 5 - Ottumwa, IA
October 18th: Fear Fete Film Festival - Biloxi, MS
October 23-29th: Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival
October 25th: Geek Media Expo - Nashville, TN
November 1-2nd: Phoenix FearCon (with Debbie Rochon) - Phoenix, AZ
November 7-8: Drunken Zombie Film Fest - Peoria, IL
November 7-8th: BentCon - Burbank, CA
November 15th: Browncoat Pub & Theater  - Wilmington, NC
November 22nd: Days Of The Dead - Chicago, IL
December 5-7th: Twisted Tails Film Festival
January 4th: Poison Peach Film Festival - Augusta, GA
January 16-18th: Macabre Fair FIlm Festival - Long Island, NY
February 6-8th: Days Of The Dead - Atlanta, GA
April 11th: The Film House @ Thomas Creek Brewery - Greenville, SC...more to come!

Catch THE CABIN at "Hole In The Head" film festival on December 12th in San Francisco, California!