HCP Updates

NOW AVAILABLE for a limited time….Dorchester's Revenge VHS Survival Kits!  Only 250 will be made and they come with a whole bunch of signed stuff.  Check the store for details!

Dorchester's Revenge wins "Best Horror" "Best Director" and "Audience Choice" at the 2014 Austin Indie Flix Showcase!

Dorchester's Revenge Screenings:

September 18th: Austin Indie Flix Showcase - Austin, Texas
October 11th: Halloweenpalooza Film Festival 5 
October 18th: Fear Fete Film Festival - Biloxi, MS
October 23-29th: Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival
October 25th: Geek Media Expo
November 1-2nd: Phoeniz FearCon (with Debbie Rochon)
November 7-8th: BentCon
December 7-8th: Twisted Tails Film Festival

...more to come!

"The Cabin" will have it's worldwide cable television premiere this month on SHORTS HD.  If you have DirectTV or AT&T Uverse, please check it out.  We have been named a "Top 10 To Watch in August 30th and September 20th!"  There are a FEW signed VHS copies still left.  Head over to The Cabin page for more info!